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Hiring a professional landscape contractor can be one of the best decisions you might ever make for your home or property. Woehler Landscaping LLC is dedicated to solving your landscape problems, with the latest products, equipment, and technology, all the while creating cost effective solutions.

More importantly, choosing a contractor with a degree from Penn State University Landscape Contracting is an assurance that you are hiring a qualified professional.

The overall goal of the landscape contractor/designer is to provide, you with alternative landscape choices and ideas. This is usually done by drawing a design. However, designing your landscape is also a creative process that incorporates the property owner and the contactor.

Woehler Landscaping LLC will not only evaluate your property, but encourage you to give as much input and detail as possible. Be realistic about your budget. Give us as much information as possible and share your ideas. The more information exchanged the better your project will turn out.

At Woehler Landscaping LLC we believe in planned designs that take the season, sunlight, wind, soil, slope, and overall customer wants into consideration. If something you really want will not work, we will suggest something different to you. Remember most landscaping jobs or enhancements are expensive, you want a thought out plan from start to finish. Not only will the functionality and overall appearance of your landscape look great and make you feel great, it will also help with the resale value of your home or property anywhere from 100%-200%!

At Woehler Landscaping LLC will also educate our customers about their new landscape and proper maintenance schedules.
If you are looking for a professional landscape contractor to enhance a new or existing landscape please give us a call at 412-885-2536 or fill out our online estimator today.

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We have a variety of Annuals, Perennials, Hanging Baskets, trees, shrubs, exotic conifers and evergreens.

We also have a wide selection of bagged materials, fertilizers, and seasonal garden items.
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