Woehler Landscape Supply has a variety of topsoil and fill soil blends available for all projects. Delivery or pick up is available from McMurray PA. Use our soil and mulch calculator to help find your bulk material needs.

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  • Baseball Infield Mix

    Used by Numerous Local Leagues!
    Baseball infield mix is a blend of orange clay and medium coarse sand that is used on sports infields or in barn horse stalls.
    Available in bulk quantities

    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Clean Fill Dirt

    Clean fill dirt is a low cost fill material option used for grading and compacting. This is not screened. It is a mixture of dirt, clay, stone and concrete.

    Per Ton

  • Grey Clay

    Grey Clay is a soil used in water purifying applications such as ground fountains and pond lining.

  • Rain Garden Soil Mixes

    Rain Garden soil blends or mixtures of premium topsoil, compost and stabe materials such as sand and gravel to promote storm water runoff management.

    Inquire About Pricing Depending Upon Locations and Quantities

    Weight: 2000.0Ib

  • Raw Topsoil Unscreened Topsoil

    Raw topsoil is a nutrient rich soil used for planting that has not been through a screen. This will contain some sticks and stones in the mix.


  • Screened and Shredded Topsoil

    Screened and Shredded Topsoil that has been run through a 3/8″ screen and is commonly used for top 3″ dressing on lawns prior to spreading grass seed. Topsoil is kept on a concrete pad under a roof.

    We make this in house. This topsoil is ready to use for gardens or grass seating.

    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Soil Compost

    A mixture of 50% Screened and Shredded Topsoil and 50% Mushroom Manure or Leaf Compost for landscaping and gardening.
    Unique blends can be made specific for your needs, you may contact us to inquire.