Woehler Landscape Supply offers a variety of Grass Seed and Seeding Products Including Penn State Mix, Contractor’s Mix, and Sun and Shade Mix.

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  • Bales of Straw

    Nice Big Bales of Straw!
    (300 sq ft)

  • Contractor Mix Grass Seed

    1 lb Of Grass Seed Covers 100 Sq Feet
    A 50/30/20 Contractors Mix of Ryegrass and Creeping Red Fescue

  • Mighty Straw

    Mighty Fine Straw with tack 2.5 cubic feet.
    100% Processed wheat straw.

  • Pelletized Lime

    40 LB. Bag (1,000 sf coverage to maintain soil PH or 500 sf if soil is acidic)
    Corrects Soil PH and boosts nutrients.

    Weight 25.0 lb


    Price $6.00

    Not available

  • Penn State Mix Grass Seed

    1 lb Of Grass Seed Covers 100 Sq Feet
    A Blend of Perennial Ryegrass , Creeping Red Fescue, and Kentucky Bluegrass That Is Used For High Traffic Areas

  • Starter Fertilizer

    50 lb Bag Covers 5000 Sq Ft
    Starter Fertilizer to Enable a Thicker Greener Lawn and Ensure a Better Root System

    Weight 50.0 lb

  • Straw Roll

    Straw Blankets are ideal coverage for hillsides with new grass planting
    Dimensions are 8′ x 112.50′ or 900 Square feet

  • Sun and Shade Mix

    Sun and Shade Mix Grass Seed for growing in sunny or shaded areas.

    20lb Bag

  • Weed & Feed

    Weed control for flower beds, under mulch beds, in vegetable gardens, around trees and shrubs. One bag covers 1600 sq. ft. and works to control weeds without damaging plants. Organic product manufactured by Jonathan Green products.