Decorative landscaping stone and landscaping gravel with limestone, gravel, marble.

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  • 6″-10″ Grey River Gravel

    4″-10″ Grey River Gravel is larger for hillside landscape applications with a predominate grey / blue color with tans mixed in. Product is not washed at quarry so their could be some dirt or sand in product.

    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Arctic Rainbow Boulders

    This is oversize Arctic Rainbow Stone that is approximately 20″ to 36″ in diameter. These are very colorful with white, pink, rose, grey and lilac colors and make unique accent pieces.

  • Arctic Rainbow Stone

    The Arctic Rainbow is a decorative stone that is available in a 3/4″ size. This stone is white with pinks, greys and lilac coloration.

    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Barn Red Stone

    A dark Maroon Red Stone also called PA Red Stone, for decorative landscaping around trees and flower beds
    Similar in size and shape to 2B limestone

    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Black Marble Decorative Stone

    Black Landscape stone that is dense and dark with quartz veins running throughout. Size is 1 1/2″ in diameter and angular in shape.


  • Foundation Stone

    Foundation Stone Gray Limestone or Brown Sandstone Large Size
    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Grey Slate Chips

    Grey Slate chips 1 1/2″ to 2″, Rounded and Flat in Shape
    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Landscape Boulders

    We have a wide variety of large sandstone style boulders for landscaping. These are great for Decorative landscaping or wall building.

    Sold by the ton
    Placement Services Available
    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Large River Gravel

    Large Decorative River Gravel in a variety of colors for Landscaping
    Gravels can be picked individually for delivery

    Placement Services are available
    Weight 2000.0 lb

  • Lava Rock

    Lava Rock is a Decorative Landscaping Stone with Red and Burgundy Hues


    Weight 2000.0 lb


    Price: $425.00

    Qty Not available in the current price set.

  • Mexican Beach Pebbles

    Mexican Beach Pebbles are a smooth and rounded black stone available in sizes 1″2″, 2″-3″ and 3″-5″ diagonals/.5″ to 2″ thick
    Sold by Full Pallets Only
    3000 lb per pallet/60-80 sq ft coverage per pallet

    Weight 3000.0 lb

  • Mocha Shorestone

    1″-2″ Mocha Shorestone For Decorative Landscaping
    This is an ocean stone that is smooth, rounded and full of orange, peach and caramel colors
    Sold by the ton
    Available at our McMurray Yard for pick up or delivery.

    Weight 2000.0 lb