Natural stone for a variety of landscaping projects such as flagstone walkways and patios, or natural stone retaining walls.

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  • Belgium Rock

    Landscape pavers are used for curbing, paving, garden borders, walkways, driveway aprons, walls, and decorative pieces. Available in Grey, Black, Pink & Yellow. Call for prices on Black, Pink & Yellow

    Weight 20.0 lb

  • Black Hills Flagstone

    Black Hills Rustic Flagstone is a Sandstone with tan, rust, brown, gold and some black accents
    Average thickness is 1 1/2″-2″
    Sold by the ton with approximately 1.5 -2 tons per pallet
    Coverage: Approx 90 sq.ft. per ton
    $1,000 per ton / Inquire for Delivery as price will not be known until pallet is weighed.

    Weight 4000.0 lb

  • Brownstone Tumbled Pavers 4″ x 8″

    Brownstone Tumbled Pavers are a Sandstone with burgundy and dark red colors 4″ x 8″x 2″ in size
    Sold by the piece


    Price $4.00

    Not Available

  • Colonial Drywall Sawn Edges

    Colonial Drywall with Sawn Edges is a Sandstone with Grey and Brown Colors for Clean Linear Natural Walls
    Size 6″-24″ Diagonals / 1.5″-2.5″ thick
    Coverage : Approx. 18 face sq.ft. per pallet
    Sold by the Pallet
    $295 per Pallet/Inquire for Delivery

  • Colonial Grey Wallstone 1″-3″ and 3″-6″

    Colonial Grey 1-3″ or 3″-6″ Retaining Wall Stone
    Sandstone with brown and grey colors
    Dry stack to create small natural walls
    Weight 2500.0 lb

    Price $330.00

  • Colonial Lilac 1″-3″ and 3″-6″ Wallstone

    Colonial Lilac 1-3″ and 3″-6″ Wall Stone is available in varying thickness to build natural retaining walls
    Sandstone with red and burgundy colors

    Weight 2500.0 lb


    Price $340.00

  • Creekstone Wallstone (Maple Creek Flats)

    The Creekstone Wallstones are also known as Maple Creek Flats and are a Sandstone with brown and green colors
    They are available in 1″-3″ and 3″- 6″ thicknesses with average 4″-24″ diagonals
    Coverage: Approx. 18 face sq.ft per pallet
    Sold by the pallet
    $450 per Pallet / Inquire for Delivery

  • Cut Tumbled Bluestone Pavers

    The Cut Tumbled Blue Stone Pavers are a blue and grey sandstone that are available in five sizes
    6″ x 12″ $5.75 each
    12″ x 12″ $9.75
    12″ x 18″ $14.25
    12″ x 24″ $19.25
    18″ x 24″ $28.50
    Pick Up Available at Peters Yard
    Inquire for Delivery

  • Delaware Valley Blend

    Delaware Valley Blend is a colorful Sandstone Wallstone with red, grey, blue and tan colors and is between 1″-4″ thick with 4″-18″ diagonals
    Sold by the Pallet
    $500 per Pallet/Inquire for Delivery


    Price $500.00

    Not Available

  • Full Color Irregular Flagstone

    Full Color Irregular Style Natural Flagstone for Walkways or Patios is a Sandstone with blue, brown and some rust colors. Generally 1 Ton will cover 70 square feet depending upon the thickness with approximately a ton and a half on a pallet.
    24″- 48″ Diagonals
    This stone is available in:
    .75″-1″ – $535.00 per ton
    1″-2.5″ – $550.00 per ton
    2.5″-3″ – $505.00 per ton

    Weight 2000.0 lb

    Call to set up Fork Truck Delivery. We can text you a picture of the pallets available so you can pick or you can stop by to pick which pallet works for you.

  • Hand Split Granite Cobbles

    The Hand Split Granite Cobbles are a Full Bed Veneer Granite that has red, brown, yellow, blue and grey colors
    The sizes vary from 6″-18″ diagonals that are 4″-6″ thick
    $525 per Pallet 1.75 – 2 ton per pallet.

    Weight 3000.0 lb
    Inquire for Delivery


    Price $475.00

    Not Available

  • Laurel Mountain Irregular Flagstone

    West Mountain Stand Up Flagstone (Irregular size)
    Very colorful Sandstone is tan and orange
    Thicknesses are around 1 1/2″ to 2″ on average

    This material is sold by the ton and there is approximately 1.5 -2 tons per pallet or about 120 square feet per pallet. Price is not known until pallet is weighed.

    Weight 2000.0 lb


    Price $830.00

    Not Available
    Delivery is available by fork truck, call to inquire