Wholesale bulk or bag rock salt and calcium chloride for snow and ice management.

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  • 50lb Bags of Rock Salt

    Bagged Rock Salt from American Rock Salt Company sold in 50lb bags individually or by the pallet.
    we offer hand unloading or fork delivery at an additional cost.
    Weight 50.0 lb

  • Bulk Rock Salt in Pittsburgh PA

    Bulk Rock Salt By The Ton

  • Calcium Chloride flakes and pellets for safe ice and snow melting melting

    50lb Bags of Calcium Chloride Flakes or Pellets for Ice Melting Capacity in Extreme Temperatures Down to -25 Degrees
    Weight 50.0 lb

  • Cold Mix Asphalt

    We carry a premium blend of Latex Blend Cold Patch Asphalt from HEI-WEY supply. This premium blend is great for patching potholes, driveways and utility openings year round, with both a summer and winter blend.

    Weight 2000.0 lb


    Price $135.00

    Not available

  • Firewood or Cordwood for sale

    Seasoned Firewood or Cordwood sold by the face cord or full cord
    Dry and under cover, all PA hardwoods. Premium Cut Cordwood is a finely cut wood.
    Delivery or Pick Up

  • Natures Best Ice Melt and Safe Salt for Snow Melting

    This is an ice melting product that is safer for the environment, is less corrosive and melts ice to zero degrees .50 cent per bag discount with full pallet purchase 49 bags call in for details!

    Weight 50.0 lb

    Natures Best Ice Melt Pallet
    Special Pallet Pricing Available/49 Bags per pallet at only $12.00 per bag