Creekstone Wallstone (Maple Creek Flats)

The Creekstone Wallstones are also known as Maple Creek Flats and are a Sandstone with brown and green colors
They are available in 1″-3″ and 3″- 6″ thicknesses with average 4″-24″ diagonals
Coverage: Approx. 18 face sq.ft per pallet
Sold by the pallet
$450 per Pallet / Inquire for DeliveryRead More

Delaware Valley Blend

Delaware Valley Blend is a colorful Sandstone Wallstone with red, grey, blue and tan colors and is between 1″-4″ thick with 4″-18″ diagonals
Sold by the Pallet
$500 per Pallet/Inquire for Delivery


Price $500.00

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Gator Sealants

Wet Look, Natural and Satin Look Sealers for clay and concrete pavers and walls, masonry and natural stones. Gator Seal penetrates deep into the concrete paver and natural stone pores, thus reducing the oil and dirt penetration, as well as protecting them from the corrosion of de-icing salt. Specifically formulated to be used on unsealed surfaces only.

  • Gator Seal Natural Look for Clear, Transparent and Invisible Protection and is made from fluorochemical polymers.
  • Gator Seal Satin for a Low Gloss Matte Lacquer finish and is made from acrylic based polymers.
  • Gator Seal Wet Look for a high gloss lustrous finish.
  • Gator Resealer to rejuvenate surfaces that have been previously sealed.

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Gator Rust Remover

For Concrete Pavers and Natural Stone



Gator Rust Remover is effective in removing rust on the surface of concrete pavers and natural stones.

2 Quarts

Weight 5.0 lb

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Gator Oil and Grease Cleaner

For Concrete Pavers and Natural Stone



Gator Oil and Grease Cleaner is effective in removing oil & grease from the surface of concrete pavers & natural stones.

Available in a 1 quart size

Weight 5.0 lb… Read More

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